Welcome to K-RAM, KERB Rock and Metal: A Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting Station
About Us

KERB Rock and Metal is a subsidiary station of the Award-Winning Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting (KERB). After polling on the KERB Online website showed that Rock and Heavy Metal were our most preferred segment, the owner, Michele Lee Evans (Mileeva the Diva) started K-RAM! 

KRAM plays nothing but new Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, 24-7-365! Like its mother station, KRAM seeks to bring you the best programming from our regular scheduled music, to our live broadcasts. 

For more information on Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting and how it all started, visit here.

If you are interested in starting your own Rock and/or Heavy Metal show, or you are a seasoned vet wanting your show to air on our platform, please email Mileeva the Diva